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Natural OEM Bamboo Detox Foot Pad Patches with 2in1 Version

FOB Price:US $0.25 - 0.3 / Piece
Purchase Qty. (Pieces) FOB Price
20,000-49,999 US $0.3 / Piece
50,000-299,999 US $0.28 / Piece
300,000+ US $0.25 / Piece
Min. Order: 20,000 Pieces
Port: Shenzhen, China
Production Capacity: 200, 000PCS /Per Day
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • OEM: Yes
  • MOQ: 10000PCS
  • Trademark: tr
  • Transport Package: Carton Packing
  • Specification: CE FDA
  • Origin: Hebei
  • HS Code: 30051090
Product Description
Refined Natural bamboo powder , loquat leaf , Hout tuynia cordata , Brazilian mushrooms , tourmaline , chitosan in deep sea , and etc

Health care functions:
The discomforts brought by microcirculation obstacle which is caused by toxins, wastes and fat sediment in human body .
1.       Smooth venation and open points, eliminate toxins, protect skins, develop metabolism and speed blood circulation.
2.       Improve the microcirculation of face, clear up fleck, remove wrinkles, cleanse blood wastes. Weed out free radical, reduce heavy metal in body, smooth your facial skin.
3.       Speed up body metabolism. Absorb the extra oil, regulate blood fat, blood pressure and blood sugar.
4.       Improve dysmenorrheal, body cold physical obstacle, abdomen descending.
5.       Reduce headache, tiredness, blackout, insomnia, anorexia, astriction, dreaminess, decay of memory and etc.
6.       Get rid of rheumatism, arthritis, muscle pains, leg pains and stiffness, growth of bone tissue, parenchyma sprain and joint wrench and etc.
7.       Improve chest stuffy, short breath, asthma, bronchitis and etc slow disease. 

Benefits of the Detox Foot Pads :

Release unwanted toxins
Increase your energy level
Reduce aches, pains, headaches, & tiredness
Relieve stress
Improve your metabolism
Improve your blood circulation
Improve weight loss
Totally discreet - Works while you sleep
Simple and Easy to use



bamboo vinegar, chitosan, dextrin, dokudami, loquat leaf, tourmaline, vegetable fiber, Vitamin C and wood vinegar. The Pads are individually wrapped to preserve freshness.


Who Need Use Foot Patch?

1. The people who love beauty and slim

2. The people who have health problem such as: Astriction, halitosis, body odour, foot odour.

3. Semi-healthy people.

4. The people who use computer for long time

5. The people who have big working pressure

6. The people who stand or work for long time

7. The people who is suffering neck, shoulder, waist pain

8. The people whose leg or foot pain and swelling



1. Detox foot patch, used 100% natural herbs. When you apply the detox foot patch on the sole of foot, it will speed up the moves of the intestinal, enhance the metabolism, dispel the toxin and moisture which were stored in your body.

2. The dotox foot patch absorb toxins and waste oil out from the vola, after using one night, you can see the foot patch changed into brown or black color. You can see the black oily toxins by your eyes!

3. Improve sleeping quality, relieve fatigue, help solve astriction problem, help solve halitosis, keep fit and slim.

4. Remove toxin, purify blood, clear body odour and foot odour.

5. Dispel internal moisture, relive stress on the foot and joint.

6. Replenish vital essence, activate cells, lighten your skin, and slow the aging process.



1. Clean foot

2. Attach the foot patch onto your vola (the non-woven fabrics side should touch your skin) before you go to bed. We strongly recommend you to use the foot patch when you are sleeping. Because when you are lying down, every part of your body will be on a same level, in this situation, the blood circulation will be much easier. Therefore the detox foot patch can absorb more toxins when the blood flew through the vola.

3. In the morning, remove the foot patch, and use warm clean water to clean your feet.


How do the foot pads work ?
For hundreds of years, eastern medicine understood toxins traveled downwards in the body accumulating in the tips of our toes and ankles. They also understood that toxin accumulation lead to many degenerative diseases. For example, painful rheumatism and arthritis were caused by acidic toxic fluids gathering around the joints
In foot reflexology, the feet are considered channels to many vital organs, with over 60 acupuncture points on the soles of our feet
The foot pads contain natural ingredients which stimulate these acupuncture points through the combined action of wood/bamboo vinegar, far-infrared energy and negative ion emissions. This stimulation results in the breakdown of water and waste molecules that free blockages in the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Cleansing naturally begins in the soles of our feet.
The primary effect of the Kinoki Detox Foot Pads is detoxification. The patches will absorb your toxins after using for whole night. You can see that from the changing of the color after using it. The more dirty you see the foot pad, the more toxins it has absorbed. After consistently using for a period, they will become cleaner each morning. That means most of the toxins in your body have been released already. Apart from your feet, you can also apply these detox foot pads onto other part of your body, including back, knees, elbows etc.


1. The medicament principles?

Answer: beauty medicament on foot and the role of the related meridians reflection area, bamboo juice, wood vinegar essence composition such as penetration and participate in the circulatory system, in the heart of the cyclic process adsorption, stranded between cells in the body of toxins in the foot acupoint and related meridians reflection area (or other joints) will waste, waste liquid and grease from the point of the body of intercepting, side by side to bamboo vinegar, wood vinegar bag, effectively remove toxins from the body long product and moisture, magic, stable and lasting effect can see also be felt.

2. Why do some people with complete black, some people with complete grey?
Answer: different color from gray to black, the deeper the color, the more toxins;If you insist on using, will find that the color change from deep to shallow;Customer should rejoice into grey for the first time, not too many toxins in the body;For the first time to use black customers should be careful to insist to use.

3. Why make up water will turn black?
Answer: the medicament is by foot dense point pump out of the body of toxins and waste liquid moisture, because the maximum the suction is the effect after water disc so wet and water.

4. Why make up water will oil?
Answer: the main constituents in medicament is bamboo juice powder, bamboo juice powder is a kind of extracted from bamboo is called "bamboo oil refined from almost oily liquid.Because bamboo oil have almost oily nature.Medicament liposuction detoxification is according to the principle of similar miscibility in human body parts with dense capillary and lymphatic suck out the grease ions in the blood.

5. After the sweat out cause?
Answer: some people think that is also a foot sweat out the change of the tie, you can use both the front and two feet, the next day to see positive post since the role of the medicament and the color change of oil, and the reverse side of the post, has no effect because there are no holes so the medicament or no change. If the role of is sweat wet should both stick is wet.

6. Caused by the temperature?
Answer: if you think is the change of temperature up can put a piece of tile in a foot to a piece in the thigh, look at the same temperature of the body doesn't appear the same response. If only a foot at the same temperature change and elsewhere in the same way, it is not temperature of the reaction.

7. and in other places to buy is not the same as before?
A: buy most of the products in the two are not the same.You can see my sales and evaluation, choose seriously, so the first YANG.

8. thin tape?
A: whether it's expensive or cheap medicament, tape is thin, the thick is uncomfortable.

9. The tape is too sticky, have to wash feet?
A: don't stick can't fixed medicament, drafty around certainly does not work;Stick the powerful exquisite, too hard, off would be a little difficult, will feel too sticky;Tape is too sticky too sticky also sensitivity and everyone's feeling.Wash feet bound to wash feet, discharge toxins in the body, in addition to wash feet for this reason, even if the tape is not stick to also want to wash feet, comfortable first.

10. The use of the medicament and use time?
A: before sleeping in the evening (stick with tape), wake up in the morning it is good to take off.

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